selected as subject for the present study. All subjects divided randomly in two groups (control and training group). The control group only performed karate workout routine. But, the training group performed karate usual trainings and combined training program (included hops, jumps and speed runs) in 6 weeks and of 3 sessions per week for 30-45 min. the physical fitness factors included strength, speed, power and agility were measured by 1RM, 45m speed test, Sargent and Illinois tests respectively before and after training period. Independent and dependent t-tests (p?0.05) were used to analysis of results. The results showed that strength, power and agility of Karate-ka players significantly increased after 6 weeks combined training in training groups. But, there were no differences between training and control groups. Based on the results of present study, Karate-ka players can use plyometric-speed combined training program for increase of their strength, power and agility.

Key words: Combined Training, Plyometric Training, Physical Fitness

Azad University
Rasht Branch
Faculty of Physical Education
Department of Humanity Science
Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for (M.Sc.) Degree
The Effect of a combined Training Program on Strength, Speed, Power and Agility of Karate Ka Males’ Athletes
Dr. Alireza Elmie
Dr. Hamid Arazi
Maryam Davaran
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